Visual Artist
Born in 1962
Lives and works in the north of France

Exhibitions :
2018 Art Up Show (France)
2017 Contemporary Art Show Namur (Belgium)
2017 Art Up Show (France)
2016 Gallery Schema Project (Brooklyn US)
2016 Paper Paris (Paris)
2013 Ile Yeu (France)
2011 Château de Beloeil (Belgium)
2007 Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)

November 2015 DrawInternational Caylus (France)
June 2015  Bau Institute Otranto (Italie)

Animation of artistic workshop for companies and non profit organizations

Training :
1980/82 St-Luc Institute in Tournai, Belgium – Visual Arts
2005/2007 Philippe Stopin’s sculpture Studio