Olive trees
Residency Bau Institute Otranto (Italie)     June 15

Just south of Italy, at the tip of the boot , in Apulia - pebbles land and hot weather - resist the age-old olive trees. On the side of the road stand the most beautiful , the crumbling , twisted , hooked on life. They have seen everything, experienced everything , they are the ancestors. Each unique visage which we do not know if it holds geological or plant . I have chosen to uproot them , during the time of a residence in Otranto , to make tmake them dance to the rhythm of the tarantella - local healing ritual - mixing music , trance, and devotion. I wanted to put the pieces back together , to repair, to patch , to graft them a heart , a pump of colors.
I call them the "tord-boyauds"

Monotype and Acrylic on japanese paper  - Sizes 100x80 cm to 200x150 cm